Photo Courtesy of Danae Herrmann

Photo Courtesy of Danae Herrmann

Hey there, I’m Stephanie!

Most days you can find me in yoga pants with coffee mug in hand! I am mostly known as a wedding and portrait photographer, but wear many hats (I mean this both literally and figuratively…I love wearing hats and own a ton!) The things I am most passionate about in life are family, being happy, and love above all else. 

I love to photograph fun and unique seniors and couples. The couples I work with are head over heals in love, are looking for someone to capture that love, and want to create memories that will last! I'm all about capturing real moments and people's personalities! I thrive on getting to know my clients and providing them with images that showcase who they are!

When I’m not busy working on my photography you can catch me on an adventure with the love of my life, Cam, riding our motorcycles (yep, that’s right, I ride my own motorcycle! Ask me about it, I love to tell people!).

If you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me.

1.       I hate wearing jeans, so you'll usually find me in a dress or yoga pants.

2.       I love coffee and tea. This has turned into a love for quaint coffee shops, coffee accessories and clothing items as well specialty brews such as French press and pour over coffee!

3.       My boyfriend Cam is my best friend, biggest fan, and the love of my life! I love our love story, and can’t wait to hear yours!

4.       As stated above, I love riding my Triumph Speed Twin. Seriously, ask me about it, I could talk your ear off!

5.       I have an obsession with sweet things, specifically cupcakes and macrons! I love baking them, looking at them, photographing them, and, oh ya, eating them!

Still here? Let’s connect! Head on over the contact page and drop a message there, or send me an e-mail at


Photo Courtesy of Killboy Photography

Photo Courtesy of Killboy Photography