SG Photography - 2016 at a Glance

Well, it's here. The end of another year. And what a year 2016 was! This year was eventful for SG Photography, as well as for myself personally! Here's a look at a just a few important things from 2016:

  • SG Photography re-launched in June. This was in the making since January of 2016, and 6 months later, SG Photography had a new look, new website, new e-mail, and new business cards! It was a lot of work, but was worth it! 
  • In June, I finally received an answer to a question I'd had for years; Why am I always tired and in pain? The answer was in the form of a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. While I can't say I loved being diagnosed with an incurable disease that is considered "invisible" as well as chronic, I was very excited to finally have a name for what I was experiencing. This diagnosis also came with some serious consideration of what it would mean for my future. I still don't have a definite answer to that, I have now adjusted to a new way of thinking about my life and my future. 
  • I also got to participate in a fabulous styled shoot that our local Rising Tide Society chapter put 
  • In July, my boyfriend and I took a fantastic vacation on our motorcycles to Knoxville Tennessee. It was so awesome to say I rode a motorcycle to Tennessee and back!
  • After we got home from our vacation, we were contemplating a move down there! We loved the area, and had heard some great things about jobs and life down south. We were excited, and started to put the move into place. We had our apartment half packed, left our jobs, and planned a weekend trip to hunt for places to live. Sadly, this move did not pan out. So we ended up staying here in Wisconsin.
  • A week after we decided not to move, I was offered a long-term substitute job at an elementary school that would last until January! I happily took the position, and have had an amazing class of second graders since September! I have only two short weeks left with these kiddos, and I have loved every day I have gotten to spend with them! 
  • And in the midst of all this craziness, I have had 3 good friends get engaged this year!! 
RTSstyledshoot_SGPHOTOGRAPHY (68 of 93).jpg

Heather and Adam's Couple Portraits

I loved the hour I got to spend chasing the sunlight for Heather and Adam's couple pictures! Heather is an old friend, and is always fun to be around. I had heard a lot about Adam, and was finally able to meet him. They are such a natural couple, and you can tell they are so comfortable together. That made this session so easy, natural and fun! Not to mention their adorable and very well behaved puppy they brought along! Such a cute little family!

Adrian and Shelby's Engagement Photos

I've know Shelby since I was in 8th grade. We met on the school bus on our way to school; her to the parochial school, myself to the public school of our small town. When I found out she was engaged I was so excited for her! Getting to do her engagement pictures was a great chance for me to meet and get to know Adrian! They are such a cute couple, and you can tell they are truly in love. I can't wait to photograph and attend their wedding day in the spring! 

engagement photos
plus size engagement pictures
plus size engagement pictures shelby adrian

Personal Portraits - Not just for Seniors!

Most people are of the opinion that having portraits done is just for special occasions (birthdays, senior pictures, engagements, etc). It is my opinion that you can have portraits taken for any reason at any time for any age! There's something great about having professional recent pictures of yourself that makes you feel special, powerful, beautiful, and many other things! I know that in the past I've looked at pictures of myself hanging on my parents wall or on Facebook and thought "I know there's got to better more recent pictures of me!" when in reality, if you don't make it a point to have those photos, there very well might not be! 

So, with that being said, here is a perfect example. I did these portraits of Cali just for fun. She was excited about having some photos done of her that showcased her personality! That is all the reason anyone needs to have professional portraits done! 

calipictures2016 (23 of 36).jpg

Rising Tide Society Styled Shoot at Homestead Meadows - Part III - Senior Sessions

The third and final part of the styled shoot series here on the blog is all about the senior sessions we did at Homestead Meadows. I shot most of these images toward the end of the day, when the sun was setting and the light was beautiful! We had a lot of fun with our models and they had some great outfits and beautiful hair and makeup. As usual you can find these vendors at the end of the post. 

Videography: Michael Gehrman Photography | 

 Senior Paper Goods: KL Creative |  Senior Outfits: Vintique | Hair: Yana Palazzolo, Star Valo, Kristine Phillips | Makeup: VAMP by AJ Artistry | Chalk Art: Casey Hurley

Models:  Nermana Turajlic, Charley Carniglia, Jo Saindon, 



Oh and here are some extra behind the scenes shots!